Great Ocean Road and Sydney Study Break

I'll start off with the fact that I definitely should have been studying.  My first final is later this week on Saturday, so I maybe should have studied but this was beyond worth it.  JCU has a week break before the beginning of finals, intended for studying.  Obviously most people don't, and I definitely didn't... Continue Reading →

So I dove the Great Barrier Reef…

We all knew this was coming, no self proclaimed marine biologist goes to Australia and doesn't dive the GBR.  It was bound to happen eventually, but I never could have imagined the amazing things I would see there! As many of you know I get pretty seasick in rough waters.  Well low and behold, my... Continue Reading →

Am I a Real Scientist Now?

Hi everyone!  I will be posting a few times the next few days to catch you all up on the past few important adventures! First of all, classes are good, we have two more weeks of classes, a week off and then two weeks of finals.  After that I'm done at James Cook University and... Continue Reading →

First Month in Australia

Hi Everyone!   I know its been quite a while.  I'll catch you guys up as much as I can!   I finished my internship in May, and had an amazing time, I will cherish the relationships that I made and the things that I have learned for a long time to come.  I then... Continue Reading →

Final Poll

On March 31st, I turned 20! For my birthday my team lead let me have a training session with one of our dolphins Kamali'i! It was amazing, I am starting to learn SD's for behaviors so I'm really learning a lot. I also got some photos with Li'i during this session and so I have... Continue Reading →

3 Months Down, 2 to Go!

Hi Everyone, I know its been a while but things have 1) been crazy and 2) I can't tell you guys too much about the crazy so it makes things a little more difficult!  Some things you should know about the internship so far is that I have officially moved onto Phase 2! It is... Continue Reading →

When Friends Attack

Hi Everyone!   I know its been a while since I last posted, that is partly because I have mostly been working and therefore can't tell you guys a whole lot about what's been going on but also because it has been a crazy few weeks! Work has been going great since I switched areas,... Continue Reading →

Blogging at SLP

So...this was my first week at my internship.  While I was there I had two days of orientation and have been in my area for two days also.  It has been different then I had expected, as the vet tech I do not have nearly as much interaction with the animals as I had thought.... Continue Reading →

From 0 to 80

Today is my first full day in Hawaii! Yesterday was long and exhausting. I travelled for around 21 hours.  But I made it into Honolulu at around 9 PM Hawaiian time.  My body is definitely still adjusting to both the time and the temperature.  The pictures are the temperature at home when I left and... Continue Reading →


Hello! I only have a few more days before I take off for my Hawaiian adventure, so before that happens I thought I would tell a little bit about myself as well as my internship! My name is Emily Greene, I am from Strafford, New Hampshire and attend the University of North Carolina Wilmington as... Continue Reading →

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